Alison Kero of ACK Organizing


Alison Kero grew up with 2 different organizational styles being modeled to her. One parent was precision neat while the other was a pack rat. Through her teenage and college years Alison lived more like her pack rat parent but when she became an adult and started living on her own, she searched for ways to easily get and stay organized.

When Alison became an organizer in 2004, she constantly searched for ways to make her clients lives and her own, easier through organization. However, minor amounts of clutter always tended to creep up in Alison’s life, which she found frustrating and kind of exhausting. Finally Alison had a major “ah-ha Oprah moment” after reading a book about tidying up. She realized that using self love as her decision making tool she could create her best possible living space filled only with what she liked, used and needed. It was the only way to ensure the outcome would be life transforming because she realized she was now only seeing good things in her home and life and she was beginning to find herself underneath some of the clutter.

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