All Natural DIY Facial

We’ve produced our first video!!  You can view it here.  I’ve shared a 5 step facial that you can do at home with products found in your pantry and refrigerator.  Check the bottom of the page for the benefits of each ingredient.

Step 1 – Cleanse

  • 1 tablespoon aloe vera
  • 1 tablespoon raw honey
  • 1/2 teaspoon apricot kernel oil

Massage onto damp skin and rinse with warm water.

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Essential Oils for Cold and Flu

It’s that time of year!  No, not to begin gift shopping, but to stock up of tissue, saline and all other items that soothe the dreaded cold.  Before you head to your local pharmacy take a quick peek in your cabinets and stock up on your essential oils to help heal what ails you.

I began using herbs in my twenties to help soothe colds, cramps and other simple ailments.  My mother used to complain about the basket of unlabeled baggies on my counter filled with various petals and leaves.  My response ‘Step off.  I know what I’ve got going on here.’  Now my hobby has progressed from medicinal herbs, to bath and beauty supplies, to incorporating essential oils for that extra added bonus.

Recently I had the pleasure of sharing some of my favorite cold and flu remedies in a couple of workshops.  Below is the information I shared and some of my favorite recipes.  I tried to make note of oils that are not safe for young children as I know that a lot of times we are looking for relief for our children.

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Back-to-School Acne

I don’t know if you are aware, but my 5th grader recently informed me that the first day of school is like the Red Carpet for young’uns.  Who knew?!  Her carpet walk was marred by the fact that she had to wear gym clothes day one while my twelve year old had more serious matters to contend with…ACNE!

Now you may not recall, but for a lot of people their teen years were filled with what felt, at the time, like crater sized pock marks on the entirety of their face.  In reality what most experienced were a few small pimples here and there, though for some it may have been worse.  In support of parents like me who may want some tools and resources I am sharing the regiment I created for my daughter.

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Essential Oils for Summer

So, yes, I do realize that summer is almost over and that we are all dreading the daily grind – school, homework, sports, repeat – but I taught this class and thought you might be interested in some of this information and can save the recipes for later.  For this class I used doTerra and Now essential oils.  At the bottom you will find recipes for sugar scrub, anti-itch roller and after sun spray.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are aromatic substances found in cells or glands of certain plants. They can be found in the flowers, wood, rind, leaves or roots of these plants.  These oils are used by the plant for protection from predators and to attract pollinators. When this substance is still in the plant, it is called an essence. After the distillation of a plant, the aromatic substance becomes an essential oil.

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From the mouth of babes

The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.  ~Alan Watts

So, first let me apologize for the long silence.  The last month has been trying, to say the least, and my personal goals have been put on the back burner while I help my children navigate this new land of loss.  Yet, like the phoenix from the ashes, new and interesting opportunities have magically come my way.

My oldest turned twelve the week before her grandmother died and though she didn’t ask for much she requested two things…a vacation with her best friend and that I rent her a private dance studio for a week.  The first, though still not scheduled, was a no brainer.  We had already decided to do some camping this summer so now I guess we will have a +1.  She’s already in our house all the time so no biggie.  The dance studio on the other hand was causing me a bit of a conundrum.

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Dewy Delicious Face Cream

We all want to look our best and each have different ways of accomplishing this.  I have never been much of a make-up wearer.  Not because I have anything against it, but more because I don’t really know what I’m doing and it makes my skin feel funky.  What I do love for my face is a great moisturizer.

My skin has always been slightly sensitive and on the dry side.  As I get older (45 this year.  OY!) I find that I need to apply moisturizer morning and night.  Because I like to keep things simple I wanted one product that worked all night and all day.  After much research and some trials I have come up with a blend that works well for my needs.  If you’d like to purchase my DEW Face Balm you can purchase here.

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No stink in my game!

Some might think I go a bit far with the whole hippie dippy crunchy granola thing, but I say if I can make it myself then why the hell not.  Actually it goes a bit further than that.  I am consumed by needing to know what is in ‘that’.  Be it food or lotion or laundry detergent, if I don’t know what those ingredients are (and I don’t mean because they’re exotic) then I don’t want any part of it.  Now I don’t make everything, but I do make a lot.  If I did a better job with packaging then my whole family would be on board with the ‘make it self’ program.  A prime example of this is deodorant.

I’ve been making my own deodorant for some time.  First, because of my desire to keep ingredients pure and simple; second, because of my sensitive skin; and third because I deplore (yes, I feel that strongly) the fake sugary scent of most home and body products.  My first batch worked, but because I wasn’t used to having to spread on with my figures I wasn’t using enough.  My second batch was even better because of the addition of essential oils and using my fingers had become second nature…now in come my kids.  Though my kids were proud of my efforts they point blank told me ‘I don’t like having to stick my fingers in the silly little jar and then spread rub spread’, or something to that effect.  So I, being the awesome mother that I am, invested in deodorant tubes and made everyone’s life better.

Here’s the recipe if you’d like to make your own or you can order Balm Deodorant by Eco-Arts from me.

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Hidden Beauty

My favorite aunt is a woman of many talents and faces.  In her 50s she sported purple hair just because she could, in conversation you never know what she might say – which constantly bewilders her youngest son, she will dance ANYONE off the floor and who now in her 70s has developed a thing for waist beads.  On a recent trip to visit my cousin she proudly displayed her own before giving me five strands of my own.

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