• Making the most of what we have

    Change is going to come.  You better welcome it. ~Anonymous The past couple of weeks have been crazy, joyful, nerve wracking, frightening, exciting and so much more.  I’m sure the same can be said for everyone else out there if you take the time to analyze the emotions that run through your heads from moment to […]

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  • Michael Tamez on Transformative Nutrition

      As a certified integrative health coach and award winning wellness author, Michael’s passion for healthy living was born from his own 13 year journey and health transformation experience. During this adventure, he lost 105 pounds, reversed severe sleep apnea, and also cured advanced gum disease and high blood pressure – all without medications or surgery. Today […]

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  • From the mouth of babes

    The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.  ~Alan Watts So, first let me apologize for the long silence.  The last month has been trying, to say the least, and my personal goals have been put on the back burner while I help […]

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  • The Great Purge

    You only lose what you cling to.  ~ Buddha Often in life we find ourselves holding on to things that no longer have value – objects, people, relationship and so much more.  It is hard to let go when the clinging has become not only a habit, but, possibly, a bit of a pleasure.  We tell […]

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  • Elizabeth Upton on Exuberant Women

      Elizabeth Upton is a former nun, counselor and probation officer; she just published an inspiring self-development book,Exuberant Women Don’t Age – No Time to Waste,which shares the power to better yourself and find the hidden meaning in life.  These practical applications will help readers find the inner soul-spirit power no other counselor, therapist or […]

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  • Shrimp BLT Alfredo and Spinach Ravioli

    The other night while shuffling through my mental rolodex – yeah, rolodex for those who remember the telephone – of dinner recipes I nodded off like a sleepy toddler.  Bored to tears with my usual offerings I decided to channel my inner romantic and craft a meal of new love inspiration.  I don’t know about you, […]