Dewy Delicious Face Cream

We all want to look our best and each have different ways of accomplishing this.  I have never been much of a make-up wearer.  Not because I have anything against it, but more because I don’t really know what I’m doing and it makes my skin feel funky.  What I do love for my face is a great moisturizer.

My skin has always been slightly sensitive and on the dry side.  As I get older (45 this year.  OY!) I find that I need to apply moisturizer morning and night.  Because I like to keep things simple I wanted one product that worked all night and all day.  After much research and some trials I have come up with a blend that works well for my needs.  If you’d like to purchase my DEW Face Balm you can purchase here.

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No stink in my game!

Some might think I go a bit far with the whole hippie dippy crunchy granola thing, but I say if I can make it myself then why the hell not.  Actually it goes a bit further than that.  I am consumed by needing to know what is in ‘that’.  Be it food or lotion or laundry detergent, if I don’t know what those ingredients are (and I don’t mean because they’re exotic) then I don’t want any part of it.  Now I don’t make everything, but I do make a lot.  If I did a better job with packaging then my whole family would be on board with the ‘make it self’ program.  A prime example of this is deodorant.

I’ve been making my own deodorant for some time.  First, because of my desire to keep ingredients pure and simple; second, because of my sensitive skin; and third because I deplore (yes, I feel that strongly) the fake sugary scent of most home and body products.  My first batch worked, but because I wasn’t used to having to spread on with my figures I wasn’t using enough.  My second batch was even better because of the addition of essential oils and using my fingers had become second nature…now in come my kids.  Though my kids were proud of my efforts they point blank told me ‘I don’t like having to stick my fingers in the silly little jar and then spread rub spread’, or something to that effect.  So I, being the awesome mother that I am, invested in deodorant tubes and made everyone’s life better.

Here’s the recipe if you’d like to make your own or you can order Balm Deodorant by Eco-Arts from me.

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It’s a baby SCOBY!

I am a kombucha fanatic though my wallet is not. After saving up a few empty bottles I figured it was time to do some research and start brewing my own. The main ingredient in brewing kombucha is a SCOBY. What is a SCOBY your ask? Why I will happily tell you.

First, let’s talk about what kombucha is. Kombucha is a fermented tea that has been drunk around the world for centuries. It is well loved for its refreshing flavor and probiotic properties. The specific yeasts and bacteria in kombucha are what gives it its fizz and unique flavor. At the heart of the process is the SCOBY which stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. The bacteria and yeast, like most couples, have a complex and mutually beneficial relationship that lead to the delishness we call kombucha.

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Hidden Beauty

My favorite aunt is a woman of many talents and faces.  In her 50s she sported purple hair just because she could, in conversation you never know what she might say – which constantly bewilders her youngest son, she will dance ANYONE off the floor and who now in her 70s has developed a thing for waist beads.  On a recent trip to visit my cousin she proudly displayed her own before giving me five strands of my own.

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Don’t Go Quiet

Though I love the image this quote builds for the soil I think it is especially apropos for our soul as well.  For so many of us life is a day-to-day journey filled with caring for family and/or plotting a career.  Meanwhile our own dreams lie dormant beneath the soil because we don’t take the time to nurture what is important to us.  How many times have you said ‘when they are older I will’ or ‘when I retire I will’?  Why then and not now?

Trust me, I’m not going to claim that I set aside time each day to nurture my soul, but I do recognize that I deserve the time and the attention.  Beginning this blog and starting my own business was a step in that direction.  It has taken me time to figure out a decent balance of ME and them, but the journey has been well worth it.  Here’s a few tips below.

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Home is what you make it!

Years ago I purchased my home as an investment.  The plan was to rent out the main home and the carriage house for additional income to invest in my flip projects.  One bad tenant, busted pipes, the real estate crash and a broken marriage later I found myself living in a home that I had no intention of ever occupying, and that needed enormous amounts of work for which I had neither the time nor the finances.  Long story short I was between a rock and an avalanche.

You might wonder why I share all of this with you.  I do because I want you to understand my mindset at the beginning of this journey.  For years I had this defeatist attitude, like I couldn’t do anything to improve my situation, when the truth is I WOULDN’T.  Now don’t get me wrong I made my home presentable enough that it wasn’t the total embarrassment that it had been in the beginning, but that was about it.  Every moment of energy I put into making my home better for me and my girls was a reminder of how much I had failed.  It became a penance and I dreaded facing it.

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Snack Time!

IMG_2671Some folks may tell you that I don’t know how to bake, BUT it would be a fib.  It is not so much that I do not know how, but rather an abhorrence for following directions.  Yes, it is true, I like to do things my own way which – surprise, surprise – does not lend itself to baking.  At least not baking well lol.

Today I decided to use up some over ripe bananas to make my daughter an after school snack.  I found a quick easy recipe for Banana Breakfast Bars which I thought would make for a good lunch box stuffer as well.  I tend to bake things that I know I have the ingredients for because I don’t like stock piling things like chocolate chips and marzipan…okay no one I know really stocks marzipan but still.

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True Confessions of a Lazy Gardener

If I were to be honest I’d have to admit that my gardening adventure started with me researching ‘how to garden lazy’.  Yes, I truly put that in the search bar.  Amazingly I somehow found an article about permaculture which became my mantra (there will be more on this later).  I cannot claim to be a master gardener, or even to have a green thumb for that matter, BUT I can claim to have found true delight playing and actually growing things in the soil.  This year is going to be a completely new adventure since I have to start over, but I look forward to sharing my trials and, undoubtably many, errors.

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Food in all its infinite glory!

I admit it.  I am a full fledge foodie…was a foodie before it was even a thing lol.  I spent many years working in the industry, writing about food, reviewing restaurants and experimenting on my own.  Most recently I’ve been growing my own food (see my Garden section) in hopes of expanding my family’s options.

My hope here is to share those recipes I’ve created as well as some of the great ones that I find.  I can’t wait to eat with you and hear your thoughts on the menu items I share.

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