Spring it on!!

It is my most favorite time of year when everything seems possible, the weeds are still at bay, and my tongue jumps at the thought of all the lovely deliciousness my bounty will enjoy.  But let’s keep it real!  This is like the early days of a new relationship when the socks in the middle of the floor make you smile while you blissfully float in a bubble of gooey love.  Come July this particular relationship will be fraught with ups and downs, and pleasure will not seem nearly worth half the pain.  I digress…

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Let’s get yardy!

About this time of year I begin to get antsy about my yard.  I plan and diagram, browse and plan, envision and delight…right, right, you get it.  On the first real warm day (well not for real warm because 80 is just barely hitting warm in my mind) I bound into my yard like a prepubescent teen set free from study hall when, SCREEEECH, the glee flees as I am confronted with the vestiges of last years leftover plantings, a brand new sprightly crop of weeds, and the realization that there are hours of work ahead of me.  Every year I kick myself for not doing a better job with the end of season prep that would make light work for the year ahead.

Well, not this year! ~ Confession: I did not prep for this year at all, but I have a plan. ~  Let’s pretend to be time travelers and take a look back at the fall.  Normally by the end of the season my garden is chock full of weeds, I’m tired of eating cucumbers, it’s starting to get cold and I just don’t want to…well, want to anything actually.   So, I do my normal nominal amount of work and tell myself I did the best I can and shut the door.  My pathetic routine has gotten to the point that this year I had planned to use EarthBoxes and plant a pollinator garden instead, but thanks to a great little blurb on raised garden beds I’ve decided to give it another try.

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True Confessions of a Lazy Gardener

If I were to be honest I’d have to admit that my gardening adventure started with me researching ‘how to garden lazy’.  Yes, I truly put that in the search bar.  Amazingly I somehow found an article about permaculture which became my mantra (there will be more on this later).  I cannot claim to be a master gardener, or even to have a green thumb for that matter, BUT I can claim to have found true delight playing and actually growing things in the soil.  This year is going to be a completely new adventure since I have to start over, but I look forward to sharing my trials and, undoubtably many, errors.

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