Don’t Go Quiet

Though I love the image this quote builds for the soil I think it is especially apropos for our soul as well.  For so many of us life is a day-to-day journey filled with caring for family and/or plotting a career.  Meanwhile our own dreams lie dormant beneath the soil because we don’t take the time to nurture what is important to us.  How many times have you said ‘when they are older I will’ or ‘when I retire I will’?  Why then and not now?

Trust me, I’m not going to claim that I set aside time each day to nurture my soul, but I do recognize that I deserve the time and the attention.  Beginning this blog and starting my own business was a step in that direction.  It has taken me time to figure out a decent balance of ME and them, but the journey has been well worth it.  Here’s a few tips below.

Don’t fill every moment

So many parents, especially mothers, are constantly going.  I can’t decide if it is truly for the kids or for their own self esteem.  Yes, children should take part in activities, but not to the point it exhausts everyone.  It is okay to say no and it is more than okay to just let them run free and play.  Let them nurture their imagination and learn to entertain themselves independently.

Find pleasure in the chores

I am not ever going to claim that I enjoy cleaning the bathroom…actually I hate it, but there are ways we can make the most mundane things fun.  Download a book on tape or some new music to make the task go quicker.  Don’t enjoy dinner time?  Think about making it a learning experience by trying new recipes or making grandma’s tried and true in loving memory.

Just don’t do it

Sometimes it is okay to just take a break.  Forget the go go go and just SAY NO.  Instead of that play date why not not just play a family board game.  Need to vacuum?  Are you expecting guests? No.  Allow yourself 20 minutes of reading instead.  Sometimes tuning out for a few makes the task more bearable when you return to it.

Make time for dates (and time away)

You don’t have to dress up and spend a bundle.  My partner and I will often go to our local taqueria just to avoid cooking.  We can chat and spend time alone.  No meal to cook and no dishes to wash is all that matters.  We also make time for a trip alone every year.  Some times we plan ahead and others we just hit the road.  The important thing is spending quality time with the one you love.  Though we love our children they don’t deserve all of our attention ALL THE TIME.

Time is short and life is beautiful.  Make space to enjoy it!

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