From the mouth of babes

The only way to make sense of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.  ~Alan Watts

So, first let me apologize for the long silence.  The last month has been trying, to say the least, and my personal goals have been put on the back burner while I help my children navigate this new land of loss.  Yet, like the phoenix from the ashes, new and interesting opportunities have magically come my way.

My oldest turned twelve the week before her grandmother died and though she didn’t ask for much she requested two things…a vacation with her best friend and that I rent her a private dance studio for a week.  The first, though still not scheduled, was a no brainer.  We had already decided to do some camping this summer so now I guess we will have a +1.  She’s already in our house all the time so no biggie.  The dance studio on the other hand was causing me a bit of a conundrum.

Needless to say, like everywhere else in America, we have a jillion random dance schools.  Some good, some bad and most mediocre.  The problem is that she didn’t want their classes, she just wanted the room and me to teach her.  I know some studio owners, but none well enough to say ‘hey do you mind if I randomly use your place of business for a bit”, no where on craigslist was there a listing for ‘studio space for rent’ and even if either of these were true I’m not exactly made of money, BUT given that she had just lost her grandmother I really wanted to try to put back the sparkle in her little eye.

Two week ago I’m laying on my mat waiting for hot yoga to start when I remember that the daily schedule said something about ballet barre class being cancelled for the rest of summer.  Oh yeah!  There’s a little dance space in the back of this building.  After class I ask the instructor about renting the space when the owner overhears and asks what I’d be using it for.  I mention my daughter and the fact that I miss being able to take a good adult modern class.  Turns out she also is a dancer of old!  She asks if I’m thinking something along the lines of Fosse and I grimace.  No way! I’m thinking more Laban and Jose Limon.  And boom, she’s intrigued.  We talk more and next thing I know the discussion has turned to my interest in mindful movement, feeling more grounded in the body and yada yada yada.

Have you guessed?  I am now developing a class that will hopefully be taught at the studio where I have always been a client.  In the process I get to reconnect with my love for dance, create new healthy pathways for myself and others, and , MOST IMPORTANTLY, spend quality time bonding with my daughter.

Wish me luck!

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  1. Wow, this is awesome. I’m really happy for you and the way things worked themselves out. I’m glad your daughter got her wish and you got a little something extra.

    1. It’s amazing how you find answers where you didn’t even think to look! It is the serendipity in life that keeps things magical.

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