Making the most of what we have

Change is going to come.  You better welcome it. ~Anonymous

The past couple of weeks have been crazy, joyful, nerve wracking, frightening, exciting and so much more.  I’m sure the same can be said for everyone else out there if you take the time to analyze the emotions that run through your heads from moment to moment.

As I’ve shared in past posts this year is one of transition for me.  I’ve been working on myself, my home and my future all at once and it has not been constant smooth sailing.  Today I’d like to share where my journey has taken me thus far.

On a personal level I feel that I’ve managed to find the source of my happiness which, as I’ve always known, is inside me.  We can’t hold the world responsible for our happiness, or unhappiness for that matter.  Once you decide who and what is important to you it is imperative that you hold this information close and use it to guide your decision making process.  Our personal happiness is at the forefront, but part of that is taking care of those that matter most.

Through the help of my daughter I found the opportunity to teach a Mindful Movement class where I will help others explore the relationship between inner connectivity and external expression.  I would not call this a dance class, but more of a body awareness.  We all sit A LOT and workout some (yes, I know some of you workout a lot), and along the way lose the innate joy of simple movement.  With age we also begin to lose the ability to love our bodies as they are.  I want to bring the joy and love back through appreciative acceptance of what we are as we are.

As a life coach I’ve learned that we all suffer from similar issues and all have a desire to be better, do better, do more.  My clients have shown me that I have a great skill for listening and finding the hidden meaning behind their words.  One told me that I have helped her to better understand herself, and that my homework assignments have been helpful and enjoyable.  All of this tells me that this has been the right choice for my future.

Last, all the efforts I’ve put into my home have been worth every dollar, hour and profanity.  We took a while to complete the kitchen and the results are amazing.  I now feel more willing to have people over to share a glass or a meal.  For the deck we decided to have someone else do the work because some efforts aren’t worth the amount of profanity that will ensue.  I know my personal limits and respect my relationship too much to take on tasks that will prove harmful to both.  AND my garden is gorgeous… a bit overgrown right now, but still lovely.

All in all I couldn’t ask for more. I’m expecting more great things to happen soon and will keep you posted.

Enjoy the last days of summer!

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  1. Will pictures be available of the home renovations? And the garden too.

    It’s great to hear your choices and efforts are paying off. More people would take the leap into the unknown if they could believe that things will work out. This is a confirmation proving that things do work out. It inspires while strengthening one’s faith. Thanks for sharing.

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