Positive Affirmations for Women – Life Changing Thoughts for Daily Practice

Affirmation have helped thousands of people make significant change in their lives, but not every affirmation works for every person.  As women we have a tendency to put the needs of others before ourselves.  We need to spend more time celebrating, motivating and encouraging ourselves.  What can we do to make sure we see results and create lasting change?

Unfortunately, for most women, the brain has a natural tendency to hold on to negative experiences and beliefs more often than positive. Our constant negative chatter can guide our actions for months or even years.  Why do we speak to ourselves this way?  Would we speak this way to others?  Positive affirmations, or small statements of self-love, work because we have the unique ability to reprogram our brain into believing the positive information.  If our individual thoughts can determine the structure of our brain, then we can take steps to retrain our thoughts and create a new path of our lives.  The more we speak to ourselves with compassion, the more able we are to fail and try again.

To make affirmations work there are a few things you must do.  First, make a list of the what you consider your negative qualities.  They may be things you say to yourself or have heard from others.  Don’t judge, just acknowledge and write them down. Next, choose an affirmation that counters with a positive message.  Last, speak the affirmation out loud for around five minutes at least three times a day.

Here are a few positive affirmations to get you started:

  1. I love and respect myself
  2. I am a precious gift and should be honored as such
  3. I thank myself for all that I do
  4. I trust myself to do what is best
  5. I forgive myself and accept others as they are
  6. I replace fear with strength
  7. I choose to find hope and optimism all around me
  8. I trust my wisdom to guide me
  9. I will surround myself with people who love me
  10. I let go of the myths and embrace my truth
  11. Life is joy
  12. I am the creator of my life
  13. I speak to myself with compassion and grace
  14. I embrace peace and release guilt
  15. I approve of who I am and will continue to get better
  16. The world is full of beauty and delight
  17. Love is love is love is love

Feel free to modify these or make up your own.  Affirmations can be a powerful tool to change your mood, mind and life’s path and work best if they oppose a negative belief you hold.  Try it to see how your life can improve!


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