Snack Time!

IMG_2671Some folks may tell you that I don’t know how to bake, BUT it would be a fib.  It is not so much that I do not know how, but rather an abhorrence for following directions.  Yes, it is true, I like to do things my own way which – surprise, surprise – does not lend itself to baking.  At least not baking well lol.

Today I decided to use up some over ripe bananas to make my daughter an after school snack.  I found a quick easy recipe for Banana Breakfast Bars which I thought would make for a good lunch box stuffer as well.  I tend to bake things that I know I have the ingredients for because I don’t like stock piling things like chocolate chips and marzipan…okay no one I know really stocks marzipan but still.

Now here is where I show my ineptitude which we will from this point forward call ingenuity.  As I am moving through the steps and mixing up the recipe I realize that I do not have old fashioned oats.  Now mind you I KNOW I have some, but I cannot find them to save my life.  So, in steps ingenuity and I decide to use Organic Blueberry Granola.  Because I don’t measure I’m guessing I used about a cup and a half.

IMG_2670So for the taste test…  It is delicious!!  I’m making this the WRONG way from now on.

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