Spring it on!!

It is my most favorite time of year when everything seems possible, the weeds are still at bay, and my tongue jumps at the thought of all the lovely deliciousness my bounty will enjoy.  But let’s keep it real!  This is like the early days of a new relationship when the socks in the middle of the floor make you smile while you blissfully float in a bubble of gooey love.  Come July this particular relationship will be fraught with ups and downs, and pleasure will not seem nearly worth half the pain.  I digress…

You may recall an earlier post where I declared 2016 the year of yardy fun.  No more giant garden full of flavorful foods turned giant maw of unforgiving, ever virulent weeds – here is where I complain about the fact that I only have fruit trees on my property, but fill BAGS of oak leaves and pine needles every fall.  This year I’m all about container gardening, pollinators, bee/butterfly/hummingbird heaven and cool crafty art.  I am such a geek I actually developed diagrams and you can bet I’m going to share them with you.  Today we will focus on what used to be my large vegetable bed.

Behold, my lovely plan!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 5.17.09 PM


Let me share with you my thoughts and goals. We will move from left to right…sort of.

  • Green triangle: I have some spearmint thrown in at the end of last summer that I plan to just let go wild.  Yes, I know this may be a mistake.
  • Blue oval: An old watering trough I’ve had laying around.  In this the plan is to grow kale, broccoli and onion.
  • Triangle next to trough:  Nasturtiums!  They are so pretty and I love adding the blooms to salad.
  • Plus sign: For some reason I have two giant candelabras I randomly picked up at a yard sale.  To this I’ve added two bird houses and will top with some sort of herb in a pot.  Beneath I’m thinking peas.
  • Three small circles: Actually I should fix to show four… this will be a small pebble garden topped with planters growing herbs.  Maybe thyme, rosemary, oregano and basil?
  • Two larger circles: One will be red potatoes grown in a picnic basket and one will be sweet potatoes grown in a burlap bag,
  • Overlapping circles: This is a wine barrel that I have cut in half for growing strawberries.  On the edge I will stick in a cucumber planter to grow up a small trellis… more like a piece of picket fence edging I think.
  • Long green line (moving back up):  I currently have a row of Egyptian Walking Onion.
    Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 6.58.00 PM
    Egyptian Walking Onion

    So pretty and hardy.  When the buds fall over I just stick them somewhere else in the yard and up comes another plant.

  • Squares in center of triangle: These are all my pretties.  Pineapple Sage, Lantana, Yarrow, Borage, Coneflower, Butterfly Weed, Penstemon, Heliotrope.  I mixed in a few annuals so I can change things up if I’m not happy with the result.
  • Rectangle along bottom edge: Watermelon?  We don’t have much success with these because the girls always pick them too soon.
  • Overlapping circles: Same as before, but in that corner I might add some tomato.

I will also add some other random items I have laying around, a DIY bird bath I have yet to build, some petunias and who knows what else.  Plus, I still have two other areas left to fill.  I’ll share those plans when I get there.

IMG_2949 IMG_2939

If you have any thoughts or ideas please share them.  And please, by all means, tell me about your plans.

Happy growing!



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