No stink in my game!

Some might think I go a bit far with the whole hippie dippy crunchy granola thing, but I say if I can make it myself then why the hell not.  Actually it goes a bit further than that.  I am consumed by needing to know what is in ‘that’.  Be it food or lotion or laundry detergent, if I don’t know what those ingredients are (and I don’t mean because they’re exotic) then I don’t want any part of it.  Now I don’t make everything, but I do make a lot.  If I did a better job with packaging then my whole family would be on board with the ‘make it self’ program.  A prime example of this is deodorant.

I’ve been making my own deodorant for some time.  First, because of my desire to keep ingredients pure and simple; second, because of my sensitive skin; and third because I deplore (yes, I feel that strongly) the fake sugary scent of most home and body products.  My first batch worked, but because I wasn’t used to having to spread on with my figures I wasn’t using enough.  My second batch was even better because of the addition of essential oils and using my fingers had become second nature…now in come my kids.  Though my kids were proud of my efforts they point blank told me ‘I don’t like having to stick my fingers in the silly little jar and then spread rub spread’, or something to that effect.  So I, being the awesome mother that I am, invested in deodorant tubes and made everyone’s life better.

Here’s the recipe if you’d like to make your own or you can order Balm Deodorant by Eco-Arts from me.

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