The Great Purge

You only lose what you cling to.  ~ Buddha

Often in life we find ourselves holding on to things that no longer have value – objects, people, relationship and so much more.  It is hard to let go when the clinging has become not only a habit, but, possibly, a bit of a pleasure.  We tell ourselves that we are strong for being able to ‘stick with it’, or that we are the better person for ‘not letting go’.  Well guess what?  You’re not and the only person taking pride in your pain is YOU.

Throughout this blog I have been sharing my process of letting go.  I shared the pain that my home has caused me and how I’m learning to change the things I can and live with the things I can’t.  The latest step has been the great purge 2016.

One of the things I have always disliked about my home is the lack of storage.  I have plastic bins in the hall closet to hold towels and pillow cases, a hamper in my closet to store blankets, baskets in cabinets to hold all manner of things, yet none of it really works.  At least once a year I find myself ‘reorganizing’ which generally means moving items from one bad spot to another (slightly less bad) spot, possibly moving items to the attic, and inevitably putting what should be garbage in the garage.  This all leads to a lot of effort with little to no positive return.

This winter as I began working on the house I realized that all the stuff I was accumulating in closets and attic was really a representation of my inability to just let it go.  I was storing the vestiges of my past relationship in a few boxes in the attic, the remnants of my unwanted role as landlord in the carriage house, and the negative debris from positive change through renovation in my garage.  How was I to make space for all the good if I wasn’t removing the bad?  A decision was made and during the first warm week of spring a dumpster was ordered.

I won’t bore you with a detailed list of what we removed, but will give you an idea what kind of space I ended up with.

What used to be a shed full of extraneous yard stuff is now home to all garden items.IMG_3140

The furnace room in the carriage house that used to hold tons of wood from past projects will now be home to deck furniture during the winter since we can actually access the door.

This space behind the garage used to be filled with random pieces of drywall and wood, but is now home to our sporting equipment.IMG_3144

Our garage which was filled with stuff from previous owners (like four door with frames and hardware) and anything else large is now a woodworking space.IMG_3142

And last, made better storage and work space in our craft room using resurfaced items from other parts of the house.IMG_3146IMG_3145

All of this is just the carriage house!  I won’t even get into what we removed from our home. This is just step one.

Most important is how great this made me feel!!  I am now able to appreciate my home more and feel better able to organize all of our belongings in way that not only makes sense, but brings us pleasure.

Talk about spring cleaning!IMG_3091

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